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How to Pamper Yourself with Clay on Your Next Solo Night In

It’s no secret that single women know how to truly pamper themselves. We have cats. We have wine. We have face wax. In this beauty tutorial, Christy will lead you through the dark underbelly of a topic so controversial, it’s rarely discussed by the media. That’s right, we’re talking about…clay. OVERALL SHOW DESCRIPTION: You know…

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Elder Productions 2015 Demo Reel

OTR is a leading provider of affordable, barrier-free housing solutions for people with physical disabilities.

Toyota Hackathon Winners create an app for a drone to automatically follow a Scion’s GPS.

The Drone Chaser is a short documentary that follows a team through a 24-hour Hackathon sponsored by Toyota. Boonsri Dickinson is the host of The Boonsri Chronicles and team member of Eye in the Sky, a team composed of members of PreNav and volunteer programmers. They programmed a drone to autonomously follow the Scion FR-S…

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