How to Pamper Yourself with Clay on Your Next Solo Night In

It’s no secret that single women know how to truly pamper themselves. We have cats. We have wine. We have face wax. In this beauty tutorial, Christy will lead you through the dark underbelly of a topic so controversial, it’s rarely discussed by the media. That’s right, we’re talking about…clay.


You know how when you’re watching a youtube beauty tutorial and you think, “This show would be a whole lot cooler if the girl knew more about the laws of physics?” 

Welcome to Christy’s Science Salon! This is a show that will take you into the world of glamour, kinda, while leaving you smarter than you were three minutes ago. Maybe. Watch Christy play around with different beauty tricks while also breaking down science topics you’d heard of but felt too stupid to ask your 10-year old niece to explain.

Christy examines things on a macro level, like the universe at large, and on a micro level, like a cell at small. And a bunch of stuff in between. But don’t get us wrong. Christy is so much more than just a brain. She’s also a makeup buff and loves fashion and fitness. So check out her all-in-one tutorials!


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