Bill Nye Presents Rayton Solar

Project Description

To help market Rayton's product--and offer some assurance of its viability--Yakub reached out to a giant in the science community: Bill Nye. After much back and forth between Yakub and Nye's agent earlier this year, "The Science Guy" agreed to come check out the product at Rayton's LA headquarters. Yakub says it was only after he spent hours asking questions and carefully vetting the product that Nye agreed to put his name behind it. He then filmed a video explaining the science behind Rayton's process, which the company now proudly displays on its site. "That was a new experience," Yakub says. "Being a scientist, you don't really get to do much work with celebrities." Rayton currently has six employees and has raised $2.8 million in funding, $2.4 of which came through accredited investor portal The solar panels are now in the design stage, and Yakub hopes to begin manufacturing for consumers in about 12 months.

Rayton Solar

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