The Drone Chaser by Boonsri Dickinson Srinivasan

Project Description

The Drone Chaser is a short documentary that follows a team through a 24-hour hackathon. Boonsri Dickinson is the host and she soon learns that the team she joined called Eye in the Sky is up for a challenge to complete what they set out to do. They want to make the drone follow the car, which in this case is a Toyota Scion FR-S. The drone software is being written by a startup called PreNav. Watch the documentary to find out how the Eye in the Sky team does when they only had 24 hours to hack. The Drone Chaser by Elder Productions & Boonsri Dickinson Music credit: POWER TRIP (60-SECS VERSION) By: Bjorn Lynne CYLINDER FIVE By: Chris Zabriskie AIR HOCKEY SALON By: Chris Zabriskie WHAT TRUE SELF? FEELS BOGUS, LET'S WATCH JASON X By: Chris Zabriskie SERENITY By: Jason Shaw [caption id="attachment_1168" align="alignnone" width="634"]Boonsri Dickinson Srinivasan Boonsri Dickinson Srinivasan[/caption]

Toyota Hackathon

George Elder

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