Over the Rainbow ‘2015 Celebrations Gala’


Project Description

Our Vision We intend to be the leading provider of affordable, barrier-free housing solutions for people with physical disabilities. Our Mission We are dedicated to increasing the quality of life for people with physical disabilities through the creation of affordable, barrier-free housing solutions that encourage independence. Our Values To be respectful. To act with integrity. To foster teamwork. To be accountable. Who We Serve Our residents cope with a wide variety of physical disabilities arising from either birth or circumstance. Some have cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida or multiple sclerosis, while others are wounded veterans, have had strokes or have had diving or car accidents, leaving them paralyzed or without limbs. In all of these cases, our residents have one thing in common – they are extremely low income, have no independent source of funds, and have difficulty fully engaging in the work force because of their disability. Consequently, they cannot afford market-rate housing, let alone find accessible housing to accommodate their wheelchairs. While some of our residents were homeless at one point, a significant number have come from state-funded nursing homes or institutions, although none of them wanted or needed to be there any longer. Further, the cost for you as a taxpayer to support these institutions is astounding. The annual cost to house one person in a state-funded nursing home is about $143,000 while our housing costs just $33,000. These are just a few reasons why our housing solution is a very real and cost effective option for everyone.  

Over The Rainbow Association

George Elder


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