In 1988 Scott began working with George Elder at Luminair while still a TV and film major at Northwestern University.  Over the next 20+ years he served in many capacities on productions all over the world.  In 2005 Scott began working with Chef Rick Bayless on the production of his PBS cooking show “Mexico: One Plate at a Time.” Scott is currently the producer, director and editor of the series, now in its tenth season, and he received a national Emmy nomination for Outstanding Directing in a Culinary Program.

Scott also directed a new television food series for public television entitled “America’s Chefs on Tour” that traveled the country exploring the best chefs and restaurants each city had to offer. Scott directed a number of high profile chefs for that series including Cat Cora, Todd English, Tom Douglas, Tanya Holland, and Michelle Bernstein. Scott has also directed a number of Chicago’s top restaurant talent for various productions from Paul Kahan, Mindy Segal, and Michael Kornick to Doug Sohn, Ryan Poli and Curtis Duffy.

Scott also began working for the late Roger Ebert and his wife Chaz, directing the pilot for his revived movie review program and covering film festivals around the world from Cannes to Morocco. Scott is also an accomplished editor, having worked on award-winning television travel shows as well as many commercials and branded entertainment programs.

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